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The image is a sign with the flag of Burundi and the colors of its flag.
The image shows an old cover of newspapers: Iwacu. Burundi News today - noticiastoday.net
Burundi News today. Iwacu. Online newspaper published content in English and French. How to support Iwacu?
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Becoming a member of the Club des amis d’Iwacu means supporting an independent press in Burundi. All our articles are freely accessible because, as the last independent media in Burundi, we are convinced of the public’s right to be informed. However, quality information requires means. This is why we recommend you to join our readers’ club: beyond a mark of support, it is also a question of benefiting from many advantages with exclusive access to all our archives, access to our printed publications as soon as they are published in Burundi and to our Who’s Who in Burundi, and a subscription to our daily newsletter as well as to our alerts.

Net Press – Burundi News today

The image is a sign with the flag of Burundi and the colors of its flag.
The image shows an old cover of newspapers: Net Pres. - World News Today
Net Press – Burundi News today

Yaga – Burundi

The image is a sign with the flag of Burundi and the colors of its flag.
noticiastoday.net-cover of digital newspapers: Yaga-Burundi
Burundi News today. Yaga-Burundi. Yaga means “to tell” in Kirundi. Yaga tells stories of the men and women of Burundi, of its fields, its birds, its cows and its hills. These heralds of life are called Yaguistes. They tell their daily lives while believing in the diversity’s contribution of opinions, thoughts and experiences. It is said that from the clash of ideas comes light. Our common thread is mutual respect for diversity.
We are a collective of bloggers who work to change mentalities. Our weapon is a free and easy to use too: the blog. Our main goal is to prove to all Burundians as well as to the whole of humanity that Burundi is not synonymous with war. We can live together in perfect harmony in diversity. And this diversity makes up our greatest wealth. Don’t we say that music is made of different notes?
We also organize “offline” activities that allow us to exchange physically with other young people who are not bloggers.
Yaga is also you, readers

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Our ambition is to regularly put online the most varied and reliable information about Burundi, a country that the world would like to see reconciled with the rest of humanity, and to finally embark on the path of reconciliation, peace and democracy, the one that has allowed to other Peoples to get out of much more dramatic situations, in the name of Law and a minimum of morality.


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