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Reference News, first published on November 7, 1931, is a newspaper daily which has the largest circulation in mainland China. It is published by Xinhua News Agency. As the Chinese government’s official news agency, Xinhua carefully selects articles from world’s major news agencies and news journals and translates them into Chinese.
The People’s Daily is a daily newspaper in the People’s Republic of China. The paper is an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), published worldwide with a circulation of 3 to 4 million. In addition to its main Chinese-language edition, it has editions in English, Japanese, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Korean. Similar to Pravda’s relationship with the Soviet Union, the newspaper provides direct information on the policies and viewpoints of the Party
The Yangtse Evening Post is a Chinese Language newspaper published from Nanjing, China. It is one of world’s most circulated newspapers.
Guangzhou Ribao is the official newspaper of the Guangzhou municipal party committee published by the Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group. The daily newspaper was established on December 1, 1952.
The Global Times is a daily Chinese tabloid under the auspices of the People’s Daily newspaper, focusing on international issues. Although its parent is owned by the Communist Party of China, the tabloid’s opinion pieces are not necessarily indications of government policy. The Global Times differentiate itself from other Chinese newspapers in part through its more 
The China Daily, is an English language state-controlled daily newspaper published in the People’s Republic of China.China Daily was established in June 1981 and has the widest print circulation of any English-language newspaper in the country
Xinhua,, delivers breaking news from across China and the world and information on the latest top stories, politics, business, sports, ..

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