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Granma is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party. Its name comes from the yacht Granma that carried Fidel Castro and 81 other rebels to Cuba’s shores in 1956 launching the Cuban Revolution. The newspaper is published daily and is widely read. Several weekly international editions, available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese, are also distributed abroad. Also, news stories from Granma often are carried later in the Spanish-language sections of periodicals with a similar political base, such as People’s Weekly World.
The Juventud Rebelde (English: Rebel Youth) is a Cuban newspaper of the Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas (Union of Young Communists). On October 21, 1965 Fidel Castro described the newspaper as “… a paper devoted mainly to youth, with things of interest to young people, but that must try to be a quality newspaper whose content could be interesting to all kinds of readers.” As the newspaper has published articles by journalists demonstrating a stance against reggaetón. The paper claims that “something must be done” about the music style that has become popular among youth, as artists in the genre commonly glorify “luxury, lust, vice” and the use of drugs and alcohol. The vice that the paper sees reggaetón as promoting encompasses everything from violence to dressing in a certain fashion to sexual behavior. Sexual behavior, the newspaper has argued, is promoted by all aspects of the genre, from the “repetitive beats” and “suggestive lyrics” to the “licentious dance moves” , which the paper likens to “‘making love with clothes on'”
Trabajadores is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish, with an on-line English edition. The newspaper is located in Havana.
5 de Septiembre is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish, with on-line English, Portuguese and French pages. The newspaper is located in Cienfuegos.
Adelante is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish, with an online English edition. The newspaper is located in Camagüey. It is a premiere newspaper that is considered to be similar to New York’s “Times”.
Tribuna de La Habana is a Cuban newspaper. It is published in Spanish and is located in Havana.

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