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Latest World and Local News in Luxembourg - Newspaper Tageblatt
Tageblatt was established in 1913. The paper is the country’s second-most popular newspaper, behind the rival Luxemburger Wort. Tageblatt describes itself as the Zeitung fir Lëtzebuerg (Luxembourgish, for the newspaper for Luxembourg). Although it is mainly published in German, it has also sections published in French language.
The circulation of Tageblatt was 27,081 copies in 2003.[4] In 2004, the paper had a daily circulation of 17,106: about one-quarter that of Luxemburger Wort. In the mid-2000s its readership was 61,100, or just over one-third that of its rival.
Latest World and Local News in Luxembourg - Newspaper L'essentiel
L’essentiel is a francophone, free daily newspaper in Luxembourg.
L’essentiel was established in 2007 and is published in French. It is published by Edita SA: a joint venture between Switzerland’s Tamedia and Luxembourg-based Editpress.
Le Quotidien, a French language newspaper,[1][2] was established in November 2001. The paper is the successor of the Luxembourg edition of Le Républicain lorrain, French regional newspaper.
The political leaning of Le Quotidien is left-liberal. The daily targets the foreign residents of Luxembourg and offers national, international and local news.
Le Quotidien has a website which was launched in 2001.
Latest World and Local News in Luxembourg - Newspaper Luxemburger Wort
Luxemburger Wort is a German-language Luxembourgish daily newspaper. There is an English edition named the Luxembourg Times.
Luxemburger Wort has been published since 1848. The paper was founded just three days after press censorship was abolished. The newspaper is mainly written in German, but includes small sections in both Luxembourgish and French. The paper is part of the Saint-Paul Luxembourg S.A. The paper is owned by the archbishopric and has a strong Catholic leaning.

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