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Macedonia News Today. Read the latest news, written by regional journalism, watch editorials and International headlines on major online newspapers of Macedonia 

Nova Makedonija is the oldest daily newspaper in the Republic of North Macedonia. It was established with the decision of the presidium of ASNOM and published by NIP Nova Makedonija.
The first edition of Nova Makedonija came out on 29 October 1944, in Gorno Vranovci, and was written in unstandardized Macedonian language.
The unsuccessful privatisation of Nova Makedonija in 1994-1996 led to the disappearance of all its print outlets from the market, and the later entry of WAZ as the main foreign investor, with a resulting strong concentration in the print media sector (90% in 2003). WAZ withdrew in 2012, selling its publications to local investors.
Utrinski vesnik is a daily newspaper in the Republic of North Macedonia. The paper was established in 1999.[1] The first issue of Utrinski vesnik was published on 23 June 1999. Its current editor is Erol Rizaov. It is published every day except Sunday.
In Friday, an addition called Magazin+ comes out together with the newspaper.
Dnevnik was the first private daily newspaper in Macedonia, now known as North Macedonia.
Dnevnik was first published on 20 March 1996. It is published every day except Sunday.
On Friday, a supplement called Antena is also published with the newspaper. On Saturday, Vikend is also published with Dnevnik.
Dnevnik ceased circulating on June 13th 2017.
Večer is a daily newspaper in North Macedonia. The first issue of Večer was published on 11 November 1963 by NIP Nova Makedonija. Its current managing editor is Vesna Mikik Bozinovska and deputy manager is Elizabeta Arsoska. It is published every day, except Sunday.
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