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Latest World and Local News in Malta - Newspaper L-Orizzont
L-Orizzont (lit. “The Horizon”) is a national daily newspaper in Malta published by Union Print Co., the media arm of the General Workers’ Union. The newspaper was founded in 1962 by Anton Cassar, who also served as the paper’s first editor.
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Latest World and Local News in Malta - Newspaper Times of Malta
The Times of Malta is an English-language daily newspaper in Malta. Founded in 1935 by Lord and Lady Strickland and Lord Strickland’s daughter Mabel, it is the oldest daily newspaper still in circulation in Malta. It has the widest circulation and is seen as the daily newspaper of record of the Maltese press. The newspaper is published by Allied Newspapers Limited, which is owned by the Strickland Foundation, a charitable trust established by Mabel Strickland in 1979 to control the majority of the company.


This policy brief focuses on the challenges that small countries in the WHO European Region face and the opportunities they avail themselves of to develop and maintain postgraduate specialist training in the health sector. The brief reviews recent evidence on specialist and postgraduate training of the health workforce in small countries and illustrates examples of good practice to emulate and build on, as well as tools available to measure and ensure high standards of specialist training. It also highlights the need for small countries to participate in international collaboration and networking to be able to overcome challenges related to postgraduate specialist training over the longer term.

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