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The Himalayan Times

The Himalayan Times is an English-language broadsheet newspaper published and distributed daily in Nepal. Rajan Pokhrel is the acting editor. In the annual newspaper classification report published by Press Council Nepal,it was placed in the A+ category, the highest possible rank.
The newspaper was founded on 23 November 2001. It is based in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. It is owned by International Media Network Nepal (Pvt) Ltd which in turn is owned by a Nepali investors. The paper’s competitors tried to organise and lobby against the entry of foreign-owned newspaper in the country, but were not successful.
At the time of its founding, it published in 12 pages, six of them coloured, and was priced as Rs 2. Within a year, it had become one of the premier English language dailies in Nepal, and claimed to be number one in terms of readership.

Nepali Times

Nepali Times is an English weekly newspaper that provides reporting and commentary on Nepali politics, business, culture, travel and society in 16 pages. The weekly is aimed at the expatriate, diplomatic and business communities in Kathmandu, and through the internet for the Nepali diaspora. It is published by Himalmedia (pl), which also publishes Himal Khabarpatrika. Nepali Times appears every Friday morning in hardcopy with augmented multimedia content on its website.
Since its founding in 2000, the weekly has been edited and published by Kunda Dixit, who also wrote the long-running and popular Under My Hat satirical columns from 2000-2006.
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