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Facts and Comments Cover. Fakty i Kommentarii has been coming out since August 1997.
Fakty was published five times a week except Sundays and Mondays till January 2018. In 2018 it has turned to weekly.
Oleksandr Shvets is editor-in-chief and the owner. The edition was a property of EastOne Group till June 2016.
The newspaper began coming out in August 1997.
The long detailed headline for each article is the paper’s style feature.
According to TNS Fakty i Kommentarii were second among weeklies since 2006 till 2009. In 2010 the edition become a leader of the “Common Interest Editions” segment. At that time the readership of its one issue was more than 1.300.000 persons.
In 2009 the newspaper had to close its own distribution net because of global financial crisis.
In spring of 2015 the editorial office had to cut the third part of its staff because of the economic crisis that has been provoked by the armed conflict in the Eastern Ukraine.
In June 2016 EastOne Group has sold Fakty i Kommentarii to general director and editor-in-chief Oleksandr Shvets.
Since January 2018 Fakty i Kommentarii has been coming out in the form of weekly.
Meanwhile its web-portal started to cover news in Ukraine and all over the world on a 24-hour basis.
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EKCNPEC Cover Expres is a Ukrainian language Lviv-based, daily broadsheet newspaper founded in 1992. It claims to be the biggest newspaper in Ukraine in Ukrainian in terms of circulation. Its popularity is based in Western Ukraine.
According to Ekspres employees and IFEX, Ekspres has been subjected to intimidation by the Judicial system of Ukraine and the Ukrainian police over recent years. In February 2012 the International Press Institute “condemned alleged attempts by local officials to gag Ekspres”. The Ministry of Revenues and Duties denied such allegations in August 2013.[5]
The newspapers editorial office was shot at three times in 2009.
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