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The Media in Angola is primarily controlled by Angola’s dominant political party, the formerly Marxist Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), led by Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

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Internet freedom in Angola increased in the early years of President João Lourenço’s administration. The political emphasis on transparency and anti-corruption has strengthened freedom of expression. However, violence against protestors and journalists has recently contributed to self-censorship, restoring an environment of fear that in the past limited public debate on governance issues. Angolan people are more likely than ever to use social media platforms for activism and community development. The long-term sustainability of the economic crisis has affected the sustainability of some online media. The government’s perceived capacity to monitor and intercept Angolan citizens’ data and communications is a major concern.

Angola has been governed by the same party since independence, and the authorities have systematically suppressed political dissidence. Corruption, violations of due process and abuses by security forces remain rampant. Since President Lourenço was elected in 2017, the government has taken steps to combat endemic corruption and loosened restrictions on the press and civil society. Nonetheless, serious problems of governance and human rights continue.

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