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The Latest World and Regional News in Guatemala - Nuestro Diario
Nuestro Diario is the most circulated newspaper in Guatemala, and one of the most circulated in Latin America. Its daily edition runs between 270,000 and 300,000 units per day. The newspaper has a national coverage strategically organized to reach our readers with the best content from each region.
The Latest World and Regional News in Guatemala - Prensa Libre
Prensa Libre is a Guatemalan newspaper published in Guatemala City by Prensa Libre, S.A. and distributed nationwide. It was formerly the most widely circulated newspaper in the country and as of 2007 it has the second-widest circulation. It is considered a local newspaper of record. It was founded in 1951.
The Latest World and Regional News in Guatemala - Siglo Veintiuno
The Latest World and Regional News in Guatemala. Founded in 1990 by José Rubén Zamora, the paper advocated judicial and tax reforms, and reported on dangerous subjects including narcotics smuggling, human rights issues, guerrilla groups, and corruption in the government of President Jorge Serrano. As a result, Zamora and the staff received death threats and were subject to physical attacks.
Three years later, Guatemala saw a constitutional crisis, in which Serrano suspended the constitution and dissolved Congress. He also instituted press censorship, surrounding the Siglo Veintiuno offices with national police forces. During this period, Zamora satirized the censorship by renaming the paper Siglo Catorce (“14th Century”) and running stories covered in solid blocks of ink; he also faxed uncensored versions of the stories to newspapers in neighboring countries. The International Press Institute credits this clandestine reporting with contributing to Serrano’s condemnation by the international community and his eventual flight from the country.
Zamora and other staff members were attacked several times in connection with their reporting. In 1995, Zamora’s car was driven off the road by two people who threatened to kill him for publishing allegations in Siglo Veintiuno that the military of Guatemala had links to organized crime. In May 1996, attackers drove past his parked car, throwing two grenades at it; Zamora was unhurt.
In May 1996, Zamora left the paper following disagreements with its board of directors and founded a new paper, El Periódico. From
The Latest World and Regional News in Guatemala - La Hora
Guatemalan newspaper whose maxim is La Hora – Tribuna, No Mostrador
The Latest World and Regional News in Guatemala - The Guatemala Times
Daily news from Guatemala in English with sections about Politics, Economy, Business, Travel, Sports, Culture, Archeology, Latest events.

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