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5 plus dimanche

Latest Local and World News in Mauritius - 5 Plus Dimanche
5 Plus Dimanche

Le Défi Quotidien

Le Défi Plus

Latest Local and World News in Mauritius - Le Défi Plus
Le Défi Plus. Le Défi Media Group is a mass media company based in Port Louis, Mauritius. The group’s operations include newspapers, magazines, radio and digital media. The newspapers, magazines and radio are mostly published and broadcast in French.

Le Matinal

Latest Local and World News in Mauritius - Le Matinal
Le Matinal

Le Mauricien

Latest Local and World News in Mauritius - Le Mauricien
Le Mauricien is a French-language newspaper, based and distributed in Mauritius. The newspaper, founded in 1908, is released daily and is one of the most read in Mauritius. The publishers, Le Mauricien Ltd., also publish Week-End, Week-End Scope and Turf Magazine. It is an independent newspaper.
Le Mauricien was founded in 1908 and celebrated its hundredth anniversary in 2008. Some former editors include Raoul Rivet, Andre Masson, Lindsay Riviere among others. The editor and director were Raoul Rivet from 1922 to 1957. “Le Mauricien” adopted the offset press in 1978 and subsequently experienced changes, namely by growing from four pages to the current forty-eight page daily edition. Its price has evolved as well. In 1978, the newspaper’s office was set on fire witch and was later deemed as a criminal act. Le Mauricien adopted a “midi” format known as the Berliner format in 2010. The pages increased to 48 and this becomes similar to leading papers elsewhere, like Le Figaro (France), The Guardian (UK). In 2012, Le Mauricien upgraded its website and aligned it with other papers where readers could send comments to published articles.
The Compact Tabloid Format
As from July 2014, “Le Mauricien” has adopted the compact tabloid format close to “The Times” of the UK. The pages have been reduced to 40 while the midi format was repealed. Compared to an older version of the same paper, the paper size is reduced by 55%. This adds to a new era in news publishing.
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Latest Local and World News in Mauritius - Lékip

Out of circulation. Lékip


Latest Local and World News in Mauritius - L'Express
L’Express is a French-language daily newspaper, published in Mauritius since 1963 and owned by La Sentinelle, Ltd. L’Express endeavors to cover the Mauritian news in an independent and impartial manner, as described in its code of conduct for journalists. It is the most widely-read daily in Mauritius and constantly changes to keep up with the latest trends in journalism and the newspaper business. The Sunday version of L’Express is called L’Express Dimanche.


Latest Local and World News in Mauritius - Star Newspaper
Star Newspaper

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