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UAE News Today. Latest Regional and World News in UAE. Read the latest news, written by regional journalist, watch interesting editorials and International headlines on major online newspapers of United Arab Emirates.


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Press Agency


Al-Bayan is an Arabic language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates which is owned by Government of Dubai. The paper is based in Dubai.


Al-Ittihad is an Arabic language newspaper published daily in the United Arab Emirates. It is part of the Abu Dhabi Media group, a government organization. The paper is the first regular publication of the country.
Out of circulation

Gulf News

Gulf News is a daily English language newspaper published from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was first launched in 1978, and is currently distributed throughout the UAE and also in other Persian Gulf Countries. Its online edition was launched in 1996.

Gulf Today

Gulf Today is an English-language daily newspaper based in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the four UAE broadsheet newspapers.
The newspaper was launched on 15 April 1996 by brothers Taryam Omran Taryam and Abdullah Omran Taryam, owners of Dar Al Khaleej for Press, Printing and Publishing.
The Dar Al Khaleej group also publishes Al Khaleej, an Arabic daily broadsheet newspaper.
Gulf Today publishes an all-colour magazine, Panorama, which is distributed free with the daily at the weekends. Panorama covers film, sports, literature, politics and entertainment from Hollywood to Bollywood.
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