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Gazeta Shqip

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Latest World and Regional News in Albania - Gazeta Shqip
Gazeta Shqip is a newspaper published in Albania and part of the Top Media Group together with Top Albania Radio, Top Gold Radio, part of pay TV platform DigitAlb, Top News, VGA Studio, My Music Radio, and musicAL.


Latest World and Regional News in Albania - Newspaper Shekulli
Shekulli (English: Century) is a daily newspaper published in Albania. Publishing seven days a week, the paper is owned by the media group Sh.A. Specter, which also publishes the weekly magazine Spekter and the sports daily Sporti Shqiptar. Its headquarters is located in Tirana, Albania.

Koha Jonë

Latest World and Regional News in Albania - Koha Jonë
The paper was first published in 1991 by Nikolle Lesi and Aleksandër Frangaj in Lezhë and some time the headquarters was moved to Tirana. Nikolle Lesi and Alexander Frangaj were the director and chief editor of the paper, respectively.
In 1996, Lesi became sole owner of the paper when he bought out Frangaj, who had owned 40 percent of the shares.
In 1997 the premises of Koha Jonë, at the time Albania’s biggest-circulation daily, were completely burnt down by unknown perpetrators. No one was identified or prosecuted by the authorities in connection with those attacks.
Koha Jonë was the largest paper in Albania with a circulation of 34,000 copies in 1992. In 1995 the day was the second most read newspaper in the country with a circulation of 30,000 copies. The circulation of the paper was 7,833 copies in 2002.
The newspaper is organized in three sections, including the magazine.
Koha Jonë has had a web presence since 2008. Accessing articles require no registration. The newspaper is available in PDF.

Gazeta Shqiptare

Latest World and Regional News in Albania - Gazeta Shqiptare
Gazeta Shqiptare (English: Albanian Newspaper) is an Albanian language newspaper published in Albania. Started in 1993, Gazeta Shqiptare is a politically unaffiliated daily newspaper.

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