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Diário de Notícias

Portugal News Today
DIARIO DE NOTICIAS Cover. Diário de Notícias is a Portuguese daily newspaper published in Lisbon, Portugal. Established since 1864, the paper is considered a newspaper of record for Portugal.
Diário de Notícias was first published in Lisbon on 29 December 1864 by Tomás Quintino Antunes and Eduardo Coelho. At its early phase the paper had no explicit political stance and financially relied on the advertisements. Its headquarters is in Lisbon.[During the 1880s the novelist Eça de Queiroz, then stationed in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, in the Portuguese diplomatic service, contributed occasional “London letters” to the newspaper. Some of these were afterwards published in a book entitled Cartas de Inglaterra.
Diário de Notícias is published in tabloid format. Music critic Joaquim de Seabra Pessoa [pt], father of poet Fernando Pessoa, worked for the paper. In 2018 Diário de Notícias became a weekly newspaper published on Saturdays.
The paper is considered a newspaper of record for Portugal.

A Bola

Portugal News Today
A BOLA.PT Cover. A Bola is a Portuguese sports newspaper published in Lisbon.
A Bola was founded in 1945 by Cândido de Oliveira and Ribeiro dos Reis, and was then published twice a week. It became a daily newspaper in 1995. Although its subtitle is “newspaper of all sports”, its content is mainly about football. Since the 1952–53 season, it hands the Bota de Prata award to the Primeira Liga top goalscorer.
It is the most popular newspaper among Portuguese emigrants abroad, and widely read in the former Portuguese colonies in Africa. From 2006, it is also printed in Newark, New Jersey an American city with a large Portuguese population.
In 2012, they launched the television channel A Bola TV.
Portugal News Today
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