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Latest World and Local News in Bosnia - Newspaper Oslobođenje
Oslobođenje was founded on 30 August 1943 in Donja Trnova near Ugljevik, as an anti-Nazi newspaper. During the Bosnian war and the Siege of Sarajevo, the Oslobođenje staff operated out of a makeshift newsroom in a bomb shelter after its 10-story office building had been destroyed. The war left five staff members dead and 25 wounded. In 1993, it was awarded the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. The editors of Oslobođenje, Kemal Kurspahić and Gordana Knezević, were named International Editors of the Year for 1993 by the World Press Review in New York, for their “bravery, tenacity, and dedication to the principles of journalism.” Duo also received the Courage in Journalism Award in 1992 from the International Women’s Media Foundation in Washington, D.C.. Kurspahić was also recipient of the Nieman Fellowship for Journalism at Harvard University in 1994, among other honors. Immediately after the war ended in 1995, editor-in-chief, Mehmed Halilović accepted the University of Missouri [Mizzou] Honor Medal from the School of Journalism in Columbia, Missouri for continuous publication of the daily newspaper throughout the 1992–95 siege of Sarajevo. During the war, its staff, comprising Bosniaks, Bosnian Serbs, and Bosnian Croats, managed to print the paper every day, with one exception. In 2006, the company was bought through the Sarajevo Stock Exchange by two leading city industries: the Sarajevo Tobacco Factory and the Sarajevska Pivara. From Wikipedia
Latest World and Local News in Bosnia - Nezavisne Novine
In 1995, shortly after the Dayton Agreement, which ended the Bosnian War, Željko Kopanja co-founded Nezavisne Novine, a weekly independent newspaper, in order to “foster improved relationships among Serbs, Muslims and Croats in Bosnia”. The magazine was funded in part by the United States Agency for International Development, per a part of the Dayton Agreement which had called for funding for non-nationalist media. Beginning with a circulation of 4,000, the newspaper later became a daily, and its circulation climbed to 18,000 in the next five years.
Latest World and Local News in Bosnia - Newspaper Dnevni list
Dnevni list is a daily newspaper (English: Daily Courier) is a popular daily newspaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its headquarters is in Mostar. The paper is especially popular among the nation of the Croats and Bosniaks. The paper was founded in 2001 and it has a pro-Croats stance.

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