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Belgium News TodayBelgium News Today. Latest World and Local News in Belgium. Read the latest news, written by regional journalism, watch editorials and International headlines on major online newspapers of Belgium.

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HLN – Het Laatste Nieuws 

Latest World and Local News in Belgium - News from De Persgroep
De Persgroep NV is a media company from Belgium owned by the Van Thillo family. In 1978 the family obtained 60 percent of shares in the Flemish oriented publishing company hosted. When in 1990 the rest of the shares were acquired, the company’s name was changed to De Persgroep.

Het Nieuwsblad

Latest World and Local News in Belgium - Newspaper Het Nieuwsblad
“Het Nieuwsblad offers you every day a broad view on politics, economics, society, culture and lifestyle. On the regional pages, you will find all the news and gossip, coming from your neighborhood. In Sportwereld you will find the most complete reports and articles on sports. Children will definitely like our Yo-pages, entirely dedicated to them.” Belgium News Today

Metrotime | Gratis Belgisch Dagblad – Belgium News Today

Latest World and Local News in Belgium - Newspaper Metro
Metro is a free newspaper in Belgium, distributed on working days and aiming in particular at 18-44-year-old urban, active, mobile students and commuters. Separate Dutch and French-language versions, each with its own content, are according to the area’s language(s) available for railway stations, subway stations, universities, etc., from dedicated stands that have the color of the paper’s header: blue for Dutch and green for French for easy recognition, especially where both occur.

Latest World and Local News in Belgium - Media Group Rossel
Rossel (full name : Rossel & Cie, S.A.) Is a major media group in Brussels and Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. The daily newspaper Le Soir is one of their main and most successful publications. Together with De Persgroep, Rossel recently purchased the two broadsheets, De Tijd and L’Echo, and merged them into the new Mediafin.

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