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Costa Rica News Today​. Read the latest Costa Rica news, written by regional journalism, watch editorials and International headlines on major online newspapers of Costa Rica.

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The Latest World and Regional News in Costa Rica - La Nación
The Latest World and Regional News in Costa Rica. La Nación is a Costa Rican newspaper. It is published in San José, Costa Rica. The newspaper is a general purpose newspaper, and circulates daily all year long, except on three Costa Rican holidays, Good Friday and the following Saturday, and the day after the New Year’s Day.
As of 2008 the newspaper is owned by Grupo Nación, which also owns several newspapers, such as Al Dia, El Financiero, and La Teja, and also the magazines Perfil, Sabores, SoHoand Su Casa. Grupo Nación also owns other related companies, such as Servigráficos, Impresión Comercial, and PAYCA. The group also owns several radio stations of the Grupo Latinoamericano de Radiodifusión, in alliance with the Spaniard Grupo Prisa, operating three radio stations: La Nueva 90.7, Los 40 Principales, and Bésame. Overseas the Grupo Nación owns three important newspapers. The Panamanian weekly El Capital, and Siglo XXI and Al Día in Guatemala.
The Latest World and Regional News in Costa Rica - La Extra
La Extra is one of the most highly read newspapers in Costa Rica, having the largest number of copies printed daily in the country. It is notable for its use of red ink in headlines and for its inclusion of more left-wing political voices in its editorial section than other Costa Rican newspapers.
Its candid writing style has given it a wide following among working-class readers in Costa Rica. They fill most of its pages with short, sensationalistic news items. Often, images of graphic, disturbing scenes are displayed on the front page, such as photographs of fatal accidents. Some of its reporters use slang understandable only to the Costa Rica population. Nevertheless, the paper also conducts serious investigative reporting and features lengthy interviews with important political figures.
La Extra was founded in the late 1970s, originally containing pictures of semi-nude women on the front page in order to increase circulation. To this day, the use of scantily clad young women is a popular mainstay on the front page. It is not unusual to see a Diario Extra front page that contains two photos side-by-side: A graphic photo of a car crash or shooting juxtaposed with a photo of a young woman smiling over her shoulder while giving a maximum exposure of her buttocks.

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