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Latest World and Local News in Greece - Ta Nea
TA NEA COVER. Ta Nea is a daily newspaper published in Athens. The newspaper began publishing in 1931 under the title Athens News. It has been Greece’s best-selling newspaper for decades, although its circulation has been affected by the availability of the Internet and the financial crisis. Circulation peaked at around 200,000 in the 1990s, but in 2008 circulation fell by more than half of its peak. It is a traditional centre-left newspaper and has strongly supported PASOK, the Greek Socialist Party in the 1980s and 1990s. Some of its prominent columnists are Yannis Pretenderis, Pavlos Tsimas and Stavros Theodorakis.
List of online newspapers in Greece - Newspaper Protathlitis
Protathlitis is a Greek daily sports newspaper. It was first published April 2, 1998. The newspaper is part of a business group “SAJP” which is owned by publisher and businessman Sotiris Poulopoulos. The newspaper is a strong supporter of Olympiacos F.C.. The newspaper has shown over the years its legitimacy by being the first to publish news for Olympiacos F.C.
Founded in 1998 Protathlitis has been one of the leaders in the Sports Press market . During its years it has and still is revealing everything about the club it supports . Fans of Olympiacos are strong supporters of the Newspaper.
List of online newspapers in Greece - Newspaper I Kathimerini
I Kathimerini is a daily, political and financial morning newspaper published in Athens. Its first edition was printed on September 15, 1919. It is published in the Greek language, as well as in an abridged English-language edition. Kathimerini traditionally supports the New Democracy party.
The English edition is sold separately in the United States and as a supplement to the international edition of The New York Times (formerly the International Herald Tribune) in Greece and Cyprus, and is also available online.
In November 2008 a Kathimerini Cypriot weekend edition began to circulate.
Kathimerini is also affiliated with the weekly newspaper Athens Plus published by I Kathimerini S.A. and the International Herald Tribune.
Out of Circulation Newspaper; ADESMEYTOS

Out of Circulation Newspaper. ADESMEYTOS COVER
Latest World and Local News in Greece - Taxydromos epaper
Latest World and Local News in Greece – Taxydromos epaper
Latest World and Local News in Greece - Digital News Ethnos
Ethnos is the name of a Greek weekly newspaper first published in 1913.
The newspaper was first published in 1913 with a Venizelist political thesis. Always in the progressive political spectrum, it supported later Georgios Papandreou and Center Union. In 1970, during the Greek military junta of 1967-74, it was forced to stop publishing. In 1981, Dimitris Varos relaunched it as a colour tabloid.
On August 9th 2020 the Sunday edition ceased circulation following the daily edition, which stopped circulating on July 31st 2019
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