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Press Agency

Al Bilad

Al Bilad is the first daily newspaper in Saudi Arabia, founded on 3 April 1932 under the name Sawt al-Hijaz (Voice of Hijaz). Then on 3 April 1946 it became Al Bilad Al Saudia, and on 26 January 1959 the paper merged with Arafat newspaper and was renamed as Al Bilad Daily.

Al Jazirah

Al Jazirah is a daily Arabic newspaper published in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its sister newspaper is Al Masaiya, which is the only afternoon newspaper in the country with limited influence and readership.
The paper is published in broadsheet format with 48 pages, both colour and black and white contents. It has more than thirty national and international branches.

Arab News

Arab News is an English-language daily newspaper published in Saudi Arabia. It is published from Riyadh. The target audiences of the paper which is published in broadsheet are businessmen, executives and diplomats.
At least as of May 2019, Arab News was owned by Prince Turki bin Salman Al Saud, the brother of the ruling Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman (aka MBS).
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